Support can take various forms—whether it is emotional, financial, or spiritual. We are here to support families and children facing life threatening heart disease by providing information, relating personal experiences, people you can talk to who have walked the same path that you are walking today, financially supporting local children’s hospitals, offering assistance or advice to families who may need additional monetary help or direction, and providing someone that understands what you’re going through who can offer spiritual sustenance when you need support.

Other Financial Support
Financial support raised by Whole Hearts goes to help in many various ways such as CICU Playrooms—Toys and Games; Beds, Rooms, and Equipment. Whole Hearts aggressively researches for the needs in Children’s Hospitals across the country with the aim to fulfill the need in any way we can.  Funds can be raised by: individual philanthropic giving, and corporate giving.


The bottom line is that research is the key to curing this disease. Our objective is to provide: Philanthropic dollars to drive research and the needs of local pediatric cardiology programs. We drive innovation by forming partnerships with local children’s hospitals, identifying local needs at facilities and with families, research programs, be in involved in cardiac symposiums and stem cell research, have close ties with key hospitals such as Boston Children’s, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital.
Our objective is to provide practical tips and advice for parents of children with Congenital Heart Disease. This education is for information and support— not a substitute for professional advice. We desire to provide suggestions and ideas on issues such as: how to connect with your medical professional, where to get wise counsel, and what the future may look like.
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